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My passion is teaching, sharing ideas and inspiring people in the process. For the last two decades, I've studied with individuals, taught groups, run regular classes and lectured extensively both locallyin South Africa and abroad.
My favourite topics are spirituality, relationships and personal development, but I also speak on basic Judaism, parenting, business principles and Jewish history.

My regular classes are held at Chabad of Strathavon and at the Chabad House of Johannesburg. They have, thank G-d, grown to attract significant numbers of regular participants.

You can hear a sample class here or watch a sample class here.

To arrange a speaking engagement, please email bookings@jewishsandton.com

Over the years, Hashem has also afforded me the opportunity to address diverse crowds including:

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The 5th Dimension- Live Beyond

Personal growth
  • Live stress free. Live regret free.
  • The power of intention
  • "Just words?"- Appreciating the power of words
  • Spiritual leadership skills
  • How a thief can teach you to be a better person
  • The "self-made man"- Myth or mission?
  • The secret of remaining inspired
  • Why do we struggle to be happy?
  • What are you worth?
  • Conquering the Promised Land- template for self-mastery
  • Do you run your life or does your life run you?
  • Find your greatness!
  • How to achieve balance in your life.
  • Is it arrogant to love yourself?
  • The Spiritual Secret that can make or break your relationship
  • “He’s just not that into you the right things (and neither is she)- the Jewish take on the best-seller book (& movie).
  • “Love is blind”. Should it be?
  • "Real relationships in a virtual world"- spiritual advice that works
  • Should I stay in this relationship?
  • Would you know your “bashert” if you saw them?
  • The danger of loving someone too much
  • How much should you give in a relationship?
  • 5 great tips for a successful relationship
  • How to find your life’s partner without using your hands
  • WARNING: Dating may be hazardous to your relationship
  • The 7 spiritual habits of successful couples (4 sessions)
  • Most marriages fail, so why bother?
  • The 10 Commandments of marriage
  • Ok, so you talk; but do you communicate?
  • Who leads your relationship, you or him? (OR who wears the pants in your house?)
  • The difference between male-dominant and female-dominant couples.
  • HELP! My partner is more “frum” than me.
  • How to get into your husband’s head.
  • Does “Bashert” really exist?
  • The Dating Dilemma: Talk more or talk less?
  • Most marriages fail, so why bother?
  • Who cares if he is not Jewish; my kids will be!
  • Why you need to have the right woman in your life
  • "Sorry" isn't enough any more, is it?
  • Who not to date
  • Men v. Women: Bridging the divide.

Topical issues

  • The Kabbalah of the rise of Islam
  • "Uncut": What Kabbalah predicted about Islam and the anti-circumcision movement
  • The Kabbalah of Global Warming
  • The rise of feminine leadership
  • A different take on the Global Economic Crisis
  • Does Life ever make sense? Should it?
  • All for one or one for all? What does Judaism think about individualism?
  • “The Secret”- kosher or cult?
  • “CHANGE”- is it such a good thing?
  • Global anti-Semitism on the rise- what’s the Kabbalistic response?
  • Weapons of the future and the future of weapons
  • 2012- the change that’s coming.
  • Outliers- the critical point that Gladwell missed
  • Technology is taking over our lives, surely that can’t be good.
  • “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”- But it is broke, now what? (How to deal with the systems in our world that don’t work)
Soul and spirit
  • How to get in touch with your soul
  • Reincarnation
      • Intro. To reincarnation- soul structures and soul journeys
      • Can a person come back as an animal?
      • Is past life regression kosher?
  • Soul journeys
  • What is a soul?
  • Souls v. angels- why G-d bet on humans.
  • How to talk so G-d will listen
  • The Kabbalah of dreams
  • Who let the Kabbalah out?
  • Angels
  • Does Judaism believe in ghosts?
  • How to achieve the impossible
  • Why we’re looking forward to the end of the world
  • Moshiach- will our world really change?
  • Why G-d loves people who make mistakes
  • Prayer as a meditative tool
  • Crash course in Kabbalah (6 sessions)

  • A spiritual view from the top of the world- lessons I learned while mountain climbing.
  • What I learned while staring down the barrel of a gun.
  • Off the Wall- spiritual lessons from China.
  • How valuable are you to G-d?
  • Productive work environments- a Torah analysis
  • The ideal Jewish occupation
  • "Burning cash"- Money and spirituality
Jewish history  from a spiritual perspective
  • Adam & Eve- sinning for our sake?
  • Sibling rivalry or eternal struggle? Joseph and his brothers
  • The Twelve tribes of Israel
  • The day the sun stood still
  • Samson- tragic hero or misunderstood martyr?
  • King Saul’s misguided spiritual pursuits
  • David & Bathsheba
  • Jonah, the story of a soul in limbo
  • The Purim story- behind the mask
  • East v. West, from the Crusades to Jihad.
  • The development of Jewish mysticism (4 sessions)
  • Anti-Semitism in ancient Europe
  • The Spanish Inquisition
  • The Kabbalah of Jewish history (3 sessions)
  • Talmud- a reflection of the essence of Jewish history (7 sessions)
  • Reveal the leader in you
  • Are you a leader?
  • The power of YOU
  • Three Biblical leadership models
  • Outliers: What Gladwell’s bestseller missed.
Life issues

  • Is EVERYTHING that G-d does good?
  • Are you too clever for your own good?
  • Why ordinary folk will change the world.
  • Is Judaism restrictive?
  • Is it OK to argue with G-d?
  • Fantasy or fact?
  • What happens to the gentiles when Moshiach comes?
  • Stay with the kids or go to Shul? A mom’s dilemma
  • I just want to give to my child, but I don’t want to spoil him…
  • Wiping dirty noses (and other spiritual pastimes of moms)
  • How to inspire your children to love Judaism.
  • Which of the Four Sons of Pesach is yours?
  • Are your expectations of your child too high?
 Special times
  • This Pesach do some miracles of your own
  • Have you found the Afikoman yet?
  • Why Matzah tastes bad (and other Pesach secrets)
  • How to win the lottery (Purim)
  • 60 days to turn your life around (leap year- Adar)
  • How to REALLY get drunk on Purim
  • The Kabbalah of silence (Purim)
  • Teshuvah- the Divine witness protection programme
  • Shofar meditations
  • Dare I be optimistic about the New Year?
  • Do you speak Shofar?

To find out more about arranging a speaking engagement, please email bookings@jewishsandton.com