"Superb lecturer - one of the best we've had. Engaging, witty and very interesting, he brings the topics alive. Rabbi Shishler is also a wonderful person to work with."- Rabbi Yisroel Lew, Director, Chabad Lubavitch of Bloomsbury - Jewish Student Centre

"I just had a Shabbaton with Rabbi Ari Shishler, who addressed us at the Kinus last year.
It was a great success and largely due to his presence. He spoke well, down
to earth, connected with the people. Gave a clear message that people could
integrate into their lives. He gave of himself fully to us during his time

here and he was a pleasure to deal with."
- Rabbi Moshe Krasnanski, Chabad of the Town, Montreal, Canada

“Rabbi Shishler brings the complex Torah to a very understandable, real level for all level of Judaism. He is real, sensitive and understanding.”
- Greg Hurvitz, Breakfast Show host, radio ChaiFM

“Rabbi Shishler is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful and influential rabbis in South Africa..."
- Wayne Kopping, Director/ producer "Relentless", "Obsession", "The Third Jihad"

“Rabbi Shishler is a visionary of South African Jewry. He is known and respected in South Africa as a leading and young Rabbi. I find that he relates personally and with sensitivity to everyone he meets.”
- Marc Menashe, Associate, Norton Rose South Africa

“Rabbi Ari Shishler is a superlative speaker, able to discuss difficult esoteric Jewish concepts with humour and in terms that a lay person can understand."
- Riva Lange, Associate at Clark's Attorneys

“Rabbi Shishler genuinely cares for the people he is presenting to. His knowledge is phenomenal and his presentation style is both informative and entertaining. I would never hesitate to turn to Rabbi Ari for information, guidance or inspiration with any area of my life. He is gifted and a true Mentsch.”
- Gary Allen, Trainer at PEP Worldwide

“An exceptional speaker, and a really inspiring person to listen to....”
- Daniel Rifkind

"Your presentations are easy to listen to while the information and concepts are not..."
- Sara R. Melbourne, Australia

"Thank you for such a meaningful summer learning program. Life has just been getting exponentially more incredible by the minute..."  
- Shoshana D.

"I also wanted to email you to say how much I (and many others) enjoyed the series you gave. Not only were they informative, covering both breadth and depth in a range of areas form Chassidus to Nach and more but they were extremely enjoyable without being frivolous or tacky. . Your classes flew by without most people's attention waning for a moment!" - Shani A. Melbourne, Australia