Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Special Shiur Subject Survey

BH, the Monday night shiur has now been around for 3 years!

Thank you to all of you who have loyally participated, added insight encouraged the shiur's growth.
Now I'm at the "thinking ahead" stage for next year. So, I figured, you may as well have your say. Here's your chance- take a moment and submit your suggestions for topics (individual or series) for next year.

Who knows? You may well become a significant contributor to what happens from January 2007!


Anonymous said...

To Rav S -
Over the past 3 years, I have been fortunate enough to listen to and absorb your weekly Monday night shiurim. The weekly shiurim are definitely one of the most inspiring, intelligent and interesting shiurim that take place in Jo'burg on a regular basis.
Over the past 3 years I (and all those who attend) have grown, been inspired and have become more sensitive to Judaism.

Thank you for your brilliant and intuitive Torah insights.

Some ideas for future shiurim:

- Davening and finding inspiration (incl Tephillin)
- More Mussar
- Chumash
- Neviim and Ketuvim - stories and lessons from these books?
- Spirits, ghosts, demons etc and all those spooky spiritual elements.
- Halacha - the meaning behind Mizvot? including practical Judaism

Tony Traub

Mike said...

Hi Rabbi,

I have a question about Judaism that I hope you can answer. May be its worth turning into a shiur. Is Judaism meant to be universal like say democracy? From my limited knowledge I would say no.

Before you answer let me give you the background. I am sure you have been following the Kasrils/Jewish Report saga. Well in his response to Sifrin’s editorial he claims that Israel’s morality has corrupted ‘the universality of Judaic values’. Is his premise correct that Judaic values are universal?

I don’t know your position on Israel and Zionism but I would expect that Chabad position would say the opposite. That Israel’s embrace of internationalism as opposed to Judaism is what it at the root of the problem.

Interest to hear your thoughts.

Rabbi S said...

Nice ideas! Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rabbi

I have never been 2 one of ur shiurs, but i plan on comin in da new year, pls G-d!
Anyway, a question that has been buggin me is why did Hashem create the world, who did have to prove a point to?

Thanks alot - i love your blog!

Reguards D!

Anonymous said...

Howsit Rav -

Some more ideas...

I think it would be a great idea if we could organise a weekend/Shabbas away next year. There are so many places - Hunters Rest, the Drakensburg...
Maybe even just a day outing like a Sunday hike/river rafting/horseriding etc in the Magaliesberg/Cradle of Humankind area? With a shiur or two...


Rabbi S said...

Nice idea, Tony! I'm currently in NY at the international Chabad rabbis' conference.

I met a rabbi from the UK who's just taken a group on a hiking trip to the Himalayas. Now, there's an idea!

Anonymous said...


I have 2 shiur ideas.

Firstly a shiur on "Ayin Harah"/evil eye, what is it, and what does it involve. How does it tie in with wearing red bracelets and not walking in socks.

Another idea for a shiur is on the concept of day vs night, The spiritual energies/ differences in each of them. how does it tie in with the fact that Tzadiks are only born at a certain time, and the fact that certain prayers need to be said at day or night (eg Tehillim).

Those are my ideas

Anonymous said...

How about some basic lessons in Kabbalah?


Kabbalist Wannabee