Friday, January 12, 2007

Are you ready to face another year?

Well, 2007 is upon us. For some it means new college courses, for others new jobs- and for most people more of the same.

After a good break, it's often a little difficult to get back into things. It was so relaxed and peaceful, we could do the things we enjoy. Now- back to the grindstone.

Give it a week and you'll hear people start complaining: "It feels like I was never away..."

How do you head back to work and not get bogged down?

Just the other day we read an important insight from the weekly Torah portion. When Jacob headed down to Egypt after discpvering that his long-lost son, Joseph, was there, it was a difficult move.

Jacob had lived in the serene, spiritual environment of Israel for two decades. Now, he had to migrate to Egypt, the land of restriction and spiritual darkness. He was that concerned about the move, that G-d had to reassure him it was ok to go.

So, before getting there, Jacob set a plan in motion that would protect him from being entrapped by Egypt. He sent his fourth son, Yehudah, to establish a Yeshivah.

With that, our forefather unveiled the secret of keeping your head above water: Before you get back into the rat race, set a time to learn Torah. Torah will empower you to overcome stress, boredom and the monotony of daily living.

So, before you get back into things, set up your personal "yeshivah". Commit to some regular Torah class(es) for 2007. It will add flavour to your year- and help you keep your head above water.

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