Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A matter of Perspective

I've just come across this article, it's an interesting perspective:

It's All a Matter of Perspective
Rabbi Shea Hecht, Chairman NCFJE

There are times that it's all a matter of perspective. Things that happen may
seem to be sending us one message, but with some analytical thinking we can see
through the fa├žade and recognize their true colors.

Over Chanukah UPS refused to deliver packages to Jews in the West Bank and
Golan Heights. Because of the violence and mayhem in the Middle East, to many
that would seem like sound judgment, the problem is that they felt perfectly
comfortable delivering packages to Muslims in Arab areas, even in those areas
that are run by terrorists.

In an article titled "Package Apartheid: UPS is Official Delivery Service of
the Jihad", Debbie Schlussel wrote that a friend told her that UPS told her it
does not deliver packages beyond the green line. Additionally, UPS would not
deliver even to parts of Israel that are within the "Green Line," such as the
Golan Heights.

When UPS was called to verify the facts a worker read the following
statement: UPS service is provided to and from most addresses within Israel and
the Palestinian Authority area, except for Jewish settlements in the West Bank,
a few remote areas in the Golan Heights, and the Southern Negev desert. He then
confirmed that though the above-mentioned Jewish areas were "undeliverable", one
could send a package to "Palestinian" areas of the West Bank, to terrorist
infested Ramallah and to Arab areas in the Golan Heights.

When asked for a reasonable explanation for this differentiation between the
Jewish and Muslim areas, the UPS worker said that packages could not be sent to
the Jewish areas "for security reasons. It's dangerous there." Since Palestinian
areas are well known for their anti-Western violence that reasoning is almost

This revelation engendered quite a bit of anger towards UPS including a
proposed boycott of their services and the use of (German owned!) DHL instead,
with Ms. Schlussel going so far as to say that UPS stands for United Palestinian

However, a little perspective changes UPS's actions from negative to
positive. For the longest time Jews have been pleading for someone - anyone - to
acknowledge what we all know. Simply put, though they protest otherwise, the
Muslims are safe in their own little towns. It's the Jewish areas that are not
safe. It's the Jews who have the Kassams rained down on them daily, who are in
danger from the cowardly suicide bomber or deadly intruders onto their land and
property. There is no need to be upset at UPS because they are validating what
we all know is true - that the Jewish areas simply need more protection.

I think the story should be publicized, but only to prove our point. Jewish
areas are not protected. They are so unsafe that even UPS won't go there for
fear of sharing in the violence that is perpetrated on the Jews in those areas.

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